photo by Shinya Yoneda 



In front of me, there is a person, whose nationality and color of skin are different from mine.
This person is probably feeling the same as me.
Where did you come from? Are you here to study or to work?
People ask me that, and I also want to ask people that.

When I am in your city, country, or society,
I become the other, who is different, peculiar, and lacking language.
I become your ‘you’.
It may be also true the other way around.

But, what if I feel two cities, countries, societies are ‘mine’?
Whichever place I am in, I am considered to be ‘you’.
In other words, keeping myself as ‘you’ in wherever I am makes me ‘myself’.  

This is getting confusing. 

But, what if faraway cities and two countries with different cultures exist as one?
What if ‘double societies’ could exist?
Then, every ‘you’ who exist there will be ‘me’. 


Kitazawa invited The Nara City Art Project ‘Kotohogu Nara 2019 – 2020’. For this occasion, Kitazawa brought five latest projects to Nara, which he conceived by creatively re-evaluating common objects in Indonesia, such as cycle rickshaw, transportable shop stall, chaotic market, and bird cage. These projects created an opportunity for people to experience ordinary scenes and moments of a foreign country in their daily life. In the given situation, people will spend time while acknowledge differences with ‘others’ who are close to them and enjoy finding subtle commonalities with them.     

photo by Natsumi Kinugasa  

Jun Kitazawa Drawing Exhibition @ mellow cafe

photo by Shinya Yoneda


Period : 10 January - 1 February 2020 
Location : Naramachi Center, Kasuga Taisha Oshukusyo, 
Mochiidono Shopping Street, Heijo Palace Site Suzaku Gate Square, 
Nara city, Nara prefecture, JAPAN

You are Me Project Member:
Jun Kitazawa, Annisa Putri Cinderakasih, Munif Rafi Zuhdi,
Eleonora A. Yuanita, Yuki Miyata, Shohei Tsuda, Masaya Kikuchi

Nara City Art Project, kotohogunara 2019-2020

Organized by:Nara City Art Project Executive Committe, Nara City
Supported by Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Osaka, and Nara Prefectural University
With the cooperation of Angklung Music Club “con brio”, Kasuga-taisha Shrine,
Shimomikado Shopping Street, Nihon-Indonesia Friendship Association Nara,
Nara Palace Site Historical Park, Katsunori Yoshida, and mellow cafe
Curated and produced by Yoshinari Nishio and Sakiko Nishio
Public relations by Masako Tago and Eriko Nishitani (Relay Relay)
Graphic design by Yusuke Akai and Miho Aoyagi

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2019