A nowhere place,
A place nowhere,
Neither place.
But actually, I put myself here.
Simultaneously vague yet exact,
I search for the destination of the body.

Can you be “normal” within the “different”?
Can you find the “different” within the “normal”?
For us, what is “normal” and “different”?

Angkringan are covered food stalls that symbolize the everyday life of Yogyakarta in Indonesia.
Such food stalls appear out of the blue in Tokyo, Japan, and then return home again.
Based on the titular concept of a “NOWHERE OASIS,” the two countries and our differences begin to blur.

photo by Alloposidae


Come evening, covered roadside stalls called angkringan begin to appear on the streets of Yogyakarta.
The people inside sit and converse side by side in a cozy, informal space where time flows slowly.
What is taking place there is hidden from sight to anyone outside by how the stall is covered by a sheet,
making these angkringan accessible to people on the street yet not too open.
The angkringan is a place that maintains the public nature of the city through its ambivalence as both visible and invisible, both public and private.
“NOWHERE OASIS” is a project by the Tokyo-born and currently Yogyakarta-based artist Jun Kitazawa,
conceived from the disquiet he felt at having “nowhere” to go during the back-and-forth life he led between two countries and societies,
and then layering this over an interpretation of these angkringan.

Several angkringan stalls made in Yogyakarta appear on the streets of Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Though mainly located in the plaza in front of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, the stalls also move between various sites around the Ikebukuro Station area.
Run with members of the Indonesian community in Japan,
these angkringan will elicit a range of responses from the people coming and going through Ikebukuro.

The landscape conjured up by this project in Tokyo will then be taken back to the angkringan in Yogyakarta.
The angkringan dotted here and there around the city assume the memories of Tokyo in an attempt to defamiliarize the everyday life of Yogyakarta.

On the streets of two cities in Asia, “NOWHERE OASIS” creates, searches for,
and moves between places connected to the contexts of both cities while simultaneously belonging to neither.
In this way, it aspires for an oasis that is nowhere yet also now here.


Period : 21 October - 30 November 2019
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (front plaza)

Conceived and Directed by
Jun Kitazawa

Angkringan Team : 
Retno Watanabe, and others

Collaborators : 
Kei Namba, Takehiro Go, Eiji Takeda

Project Assistants : 
Junichiro Endo, Munif Rafi Zuhdi, Annisa Putri Cinderakasih, Anastasia Yuanita

Design : 
Tadao Kawamura

Interpreter, Translator : 
Teruri Yamawaki

Photography & Video : 
Takashi Fujikawa, Hibiki Miyazawa (Alloposidae), Rizky Nur Widyatmaja

Production Coordinators : 
Mayuko Arakawa, Toshifumi Matsumiya (Festival/Tokyo), Naho Kato (TASKO inc.), Miki Kanai

Interns : 
Nanami Uematsu, Ryoko Koketsu, Ryo Sugita

In cooperation with 
Monggo Moro, Art Merdeka, Angkringan 45 Bayat, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Endorsed by 
the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Presented by