Turning the remains into a “museum” that connects the pass,
present and future of the town, and the meaning of homeland thus rebirthed.

In Meiji period, Japanese navy built many red-brick facilities in Maizuru, Kyoto.
There are many “red-brick distribution reservoir” built on the hill that looks down the harbor.
They were built to store drinking water and functioned until 50 years ago.

In “Time Travel Museum”, the distribution reservoirs, which contained water before, now contain the times of Maizuru and record its pass, present and future. On the wall up to 5.6 meter high, “time travel curators” of local participants can display the time they want to “travel” to.
From ancient fossils, traditional living-style, present daily life to 100 years in the future, participants let their imaginations lead the exhibition.

Time Travel Museum is a destination for living history in Maizuru to be gathered,
also a starting point for “time travels” from now on.
It’s a site for local “people” and “time” to re-build and re-think about their relationship.

photo by Yuji Ito


Period : October 2013 to March 2016
Location : Red-brick distributing reservoir, Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture JAPAN

Directed by Jun Kitazawa Office Yakumo
(Artist : Jun Kitazawa, Manager : Marina Yamaguchi,
Photographer : Yuji Ito, Assistant : Junichiro Endo)

In cooperation with General Incorporated Association Torindo,
Maizuru City,Maizuru Board of Education,
and Time Travel Curator Team