photo by Kuniya Oyamada




Bring vehicles made in a distant country to this city, The station was fixed and named "Lost Terminal" A total of 20 vehicles are leased to certain people, get out of here by being used and come back again.
Different vehicles that are fun but difficult to handle, how will they ride and used people in this city ?

"something what we lost" or "missing ".

"Destination" or "end point".

"Lost Terminal" is a "across point toward street we lost" Indonesia, Singapore, Yokohama, Hachinohe, and Towada. There is a theory that the roots of these vehicles that have repeatedly made arrivals and departures are Japan.The rickshaws exported to Asian countries during the Meiji period are still called "Rikisha"  and routinely travel along Southeast Asian roads such as Thailand and India.

"Sepeda", "Gerobak", "Becak", "Andong".Vehicles with an inaudible name that are parked in front of you at the "terminal", is it really something alien and exotic to us?

In fact, one of the twenty vehicles, the "Andong", is a modification of the body that is still used in Towada. After the world war 2, the tricycle taxi “Rintaku” that was running in a Japanese town disappeared. The stalls are disappearing, and the road is becoming a mere managed route. With the help of vehicles that have traveled across regions and countries, we go beyond time. At the same time, it's about going beyond the freedom of the streets and the system that protects us.

"Lost terminal" is also "missing of the goals". Set goals, follow efficient processes and achieve. The sense of accomplishment is not only the result of one's own effort but also the result of social planning set choices to us inside this society.  Where to go, what to ride, how much to pay. As for movement
alone, the state in the middle is no longer the only best way to reach the goal.
The premise of the society in which we live is not a major premise. It is only locality.

When you fall into a situation where the means you have prepared and familiar with and the choices you make are not valid, the technnique to survive for the first time is tried. It is only after getting lost that the wild revives. When the movement and vehicles that were only means are rebels against the body and give wrongness, it is finally released from the end point.
If you do not arrive anyway, you should enjoy yourself without getting angry.
“Now/here” will be came back to the body.

Double Locality. There are two prerequisite localities at the same time. A dual source. In a state of restlessness with each other, there is a new route to break through a sense of social closure.











photo by Kuniya Oyamada


LOST TERMINAL is an project which will be shown at Towada Art Center. This project is acquired from the daily practice on the street of Indonesia, also from a research done by Kitazawa in Towada. In this project, Kitazawa works together with the local worker and craftsmen to create wheeled vehicles which he often sees in the street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. These vehicles will be brought to Towada Art Center, the visitor will be able to use them to go strolling around at the museum. During the project period, the outdoor space of the Towada Art Center has turned into a "terminal ". LOST TERMINAL tries to re-enact the history of wheeled vehicles and horses which once existed in Towada and several cities in Japan. LOST TERMINAL also tries to talk over the possibility about the loss of wheeled vehicles among the streets in Indonesia, impacted from the efficiency for the sake of modernity. This occurrence of loss is happening in two different place, and this project attempts to bring it out to the society, surpassing the time and space.



The Message written on a postcard


Vehicles of


the Lost Terminal.


They are us.


Departing from my origin, in an enclosed box.
Then I was opened, I got lost, I stayed for the time being.
The surroundings are clean, but there is no freedom.
I am still rarely ridden as I should be, or used as I should be.
Resisting the idea of a simple enjoyment,
I insist on not being handled easily.
Perhaps by losing my context, discarding common sense is my only joy.
It’s not that I want to go home.
I miss my home, yet I’m skeptical.
It’s not that I want to stay on.
I am on the way to nowhere, 
neither here nor there.





Towada Art Center Exhibition Stranger Than Fiction
Period : 14 April - 1 September 2019
Location:Towada Art Center, Towada city center street

Project Pertner:Towada Art Center
Special thanks to all members of GRUP HORE
Production cooperated by BECAK SINAR LAUT, ART MERDEKA, PISS ONE IRON ART, Junichiro Endo

Special Supported by Nissho Electronics Cooporation
Supported by Towada Joba Club, MAMA and PAPA, All sponsors of LOST TERMINAL advertisement project 


十和田市現代美術館 企画展
期間: 2019年4月14日〜9月1日