I went to see some of the redevelopment areas of Jakarta. For example, an illegal slum area formed near the Ciliwung river. An embankment to prevent repeated flooding was created. By doing so, people have left and moved to an apartment complex located nearby. Relocation (Relokasi, in Indonesian) by redevelopment is one of Jakarta's major problems. The conflict between local residents and the government is still occurring in several area.

However, the reason for paying attention to this redevelopment situation is that, this problem includes questions that not only mere social problems but also about human essence.

What is good and what is wrong?
What is "house" for us?

How will we remember again about an existed community past here in the future? Not only them, all we are drifters aren't we? Where do we come from and where do we go?

When walking along a fresh embankment, the house was cut off according to the width of the new road. There is no choice but to laugh at inhuman development methods. In that situations, the residents use the materials from broken houses, close the cross section of the house, make a door, and they also made a stairway connecting the new road with the old alley. Against the visuals of new concrete, the shapes created by residents have truly full of human touch. It's hope.

In the this project, we will be facing the questions derived from development of the city. And we collect memories and materials from there. Into the cycle of destruction and construction ofredevelopment, we will insert a new story what based onpeople's bricolage.








In 2016 to 2017, Kitazawa researched daily lives in Indonesia for 1 year. After that researches, Kitazawa started art project series “RELOKASI (Relocation)that focusing contemporary situation of North Jakarta.

Aquarium Village
At the area, some villages are forced to evict because of sudden urban developments by government. Aquarium Village is one of them. In April 2016, suddenly landscape of the village was disappeared along with a lot of noise of bulldozer what destroy their houses. After that, some peoples came back here and suddenly started rebuild of the community by using their own ideas and techniques.

What is ideal and true? 
IDEAL HOME CONTEST was 1st project of RELOKASI series. In 2017, this project will be opened as creative practice about making opportunity to thinking about " What is ideal and true? " from collective work with local peoples in Aquarium Village.
The theme of this project is not suggesting political message. IDEAL HOME CONTEST is one of the way to respect for human creativity what we can use even in such situation of social crisis. If there is a social message in this project, it is criticism against our society losing human creativity.

“RE-LO[O]K-AS-I. “
All of us must imagine again about what is happening on life of others who is in edge of our society. Not as someone's life. As your life.

[Project Process]

Idea and building
Firstly, we will build a temporary and easily work space for idea collecting. After several ideas of ideal houses will be collected at the space through talking and drawing,  locals and project members will make some groups to create each houses. Each groups will choose one from those ideas.
Groups start building ideal house what they choosed from ideas. Many materials and tools will be prepared. All groups to build ideal houses can use everything from here.

The event what named same as this project title " IDEAL HOME CONTEST" will take place on 17th August. This date is independence day of Indonesia, and a lot of contests by citizens will take place in everywhereThis event will be opened to public. Locals who didn't join as group member of building ideal houses will be able to join a tour for looking around ideal houses in the sight. Of course, visitors also will be able to join it. In this tour, at the front of each ideal houses, the members who built the one will make presentations.

After finished all presentations, audiences of the tour will vote which house they like. Each audience must vote as their own opinion. Because there is no answer fixed to these "ideal house". Finally, the gifts will be given for the group who got the first place of this contest. After the contest, the rights for these ideal houses will be transfered to Aquarium Village.




《理想の家のコンテスト》は、「移転」シリーズの第1弾プロジェクト。 2017年、このプロジェクトは、アクアリウム村の住民たちとの共同作業を通して「理想とは何か、真実とは何か」を思考する機会を作るための創造的実践としてスタートした。
このプロジェクトのテーマは、政治的なメッセージを示唆するものではない。《理想の家のコンテスト》は、このような社会的危機の最中においても止まらない人間の創造性を尊重する方法の一つだ。 このプロジェクトに社会的なメッセージがあるとすれば、それは人間の創造性が失われつつある社会への批判である。





photo inside of one of Ideal Home.
April 2017, after the project.


Period : 17 August 2017
Location : Kampung Akuarium, North Jakarta, Indonesia

Cooperated by Rujak Center for Urban Studies
Project coordinated by : Andesh Tomo
Supported by The Japan Foundation Jakarta, Nomura Foundation

1 year later...