There is an invisible rhythm flowing under our feet and over our heads.
Mr. Naito, who I met in Sanagochi Village, said,
"In this season, It is better to water the crops at around 10:00 am.
It's good to give it to them before the sun gets too strong. "
The words. I'm sure he can see the rhythm.
Plus, the beautiful starry sky I looked up at one night alone in Sanagochi.
Hearing it, seeing it, and being made aware of such a big rhythm.
Cherish the invisible rhythm. I feel like that's the basis of the way we live here.
Creating "alternative daily life" in our life.
For this reason, I decided to use the world's most famous "alternative" rhythm.
The moon is not as bold as the sun, but it has a strong influence on our daily lives.
Especially in the growing of crops and in our bodies.
"Alternative dining" that appears in time with the rhythm of the moon.
It is a custom to celebrate the harvest of the crops encountered in this village with the moon.
A village that feels, shapes, and celebrates an invisible rhythm.
If only such a village existed somewhere.


Full Moon Dining is an art project that transforms village houses into "another dining table" on a full moon evening. A fictional restaurant is opened by the villagers in a house in a depopulated village. Villagers, migrants, and people from outside the village meet and taste the changing seasons with the full moon at a "special table". Like a "full moon" where the moon, sun and earth meet and overlap Full Moon Dining re-creates the habit of being aware of the "rhythm of the moon" in our daily lives spent in the "rhythm of the sun.


Period : 6 March 2015 - on going
Location : Sanagochi Village, Tokushima prefecture, JAPAN

Directed by Jun Kitazawa Office Yakumo
(Artist : Jun Kitazawa, Manager : Marina Yamaguchi,
Photographer : Yuji Ito, Assistant : Junichiro Endo)

Special thanks : All project members from Sanagochi Village

Sponsored by Sanagochi Village