Cage of the Earth


In the city of Indonesia, bird cages are hanging everywhere.
The relationship between humans and birds is very close.
The bird it can sing beautiful are expensive.
Birds are actively traded in shops and markets.
Despite having a affectionate feels, its attitude is utilitarian effective.
This contradiction exists anywhere as long as humans target other animals to pet.
In Indonesia, that is as it is.

In the one village of Semarang, goats are abundant in alleys.
Goats are killed regularly, become meat, which are sold in the same alley.
The meat has become a goat soup and is sold in the same alley.
The relationship between a person and a goat is quite close here as well.

This birds and goats are used by humans.
Nonetheless, we do not know what birds think of their lives.
Perhaps it may be more prefer to life in a cage than in nature, it may not be the case.
In this project, we will focus on cage what can be said that it is a symbol of the relationship
between humans and animals in cities.
And, while borrowing the power of animals,
we will develop activities to invent new life style from point of view what 'human beings as also animal'.


Birdcage of the Earth

EARTH CAGE is a collaborative project by Kitazawa with Kampung Bustaman, and Collective Hysteria that based in Semarang. In this project, as its name implies, we will superimpose the earth on cage of animal that contains of human possession in urban life. As the first project in 2017, we will produce "Kandang Bumi Burung" which combines the shape of the birdcage and the earth. While publishing this production process in Kampung Bustaman, Kitazawa will develop the project together by working with local residents. This Earth-type birdcages will be hung along with the existing birdcages around Kampung Bustaman.

Chances are, from making the birdcage, the people in Kampung Bustaman will be able to make a small industry. They might be able to commercialize the birdcage from this art project. The artist has to become a cultivator whom not only creates interventions and criticisms for society but also creates "a society that should be possible" with others who facing contradictions of reality.

Goat cage of the Earth

In the future,
Kitazawa hopes to renovate the former slaughter house left in Kampung Bustaman, and hopes to create a public space "Goat cage of the Earth" where human beings and goats (kambing) could make use of it together. The space will look like as if the grand nature of the earth enter the city.

Cage of the Earth

Period : 19 November - 3 December 2017
Location : Kampung Bustaman, Smarang, Central Java, Indonesia

In collaboration with Collective Hysteria